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Pendleton Woolen Mills
Pendleton Woolen Mills, Pendleton, Oregon Catalog 1915
Introduction by Mike Haggerty

40 pages; PB; ISBN 0-936755-24-5.
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This is a reprint of the first significant catalog produced by Pendleton for the mail-order sale of its "Indian" blankets. This color catalog displays the beauty of Pendleton's adaptations of the artistic inspirations of the American Indian.
As a study in popular commercial art, the catalog is invaluable.
The catalog was designed to sell Pendleton's products. And it is proof that, even as early as 1915, sex sells--two photos, to be exact, one illustrating the "Sacajawea" blanket design.
This book is valuable as an art book in and of itself, despite its purely commercial purpose.
The Introduction provides a first-hand history of the development of the Western wool industry and Pendleton Woolen Mills, in particular.

The early 1900s are an important time in the history of the West, and this book will make an interesting addition to your collection of Native American art books.